Lucky Lotto Ticket Scratcher ... the Genuine LotteryTool is a revolutionary new product, the first tool specifically designed to scratch-off small and large areas of instant lottery tickets. Lucky Ticket Scratcher is made of a long-lasting, high quality glass composite material for a lifetime of use. The textured grip and self-sharpening scratching edge ensures ease of use without risks to personal safety or clotcherry-red-blankhing. The Lucky Lotto Ticket Scratcher tool is the only tool that actually improves with time. 

Lightweight, compact and available in popular candy colors, the Lucky Lotto Ticket Scratcher is sure to be a hit with everyone you know that plays the Lottery. This Tool replaces awkward coins, clumsy car keys, and dangerous blades, and prevents broken fingernails when scratching lottery tickets, or, damage to the lottery ticket resulting in a voided winning ticket. Bonus -- Tools can also be used as a pop top can opener and a box tape cutter! It is also airport safe!

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A Multi-Use Tool
Actual Size
3/16” x 1-1/2” x 2-7/8”

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Looking to make some cash ... the Lucky Lotto Ticket Scratcher gives you a powerful point-of-sale profit generator.

Buy 25 or 100 assorted color tools in a Dlttubminiislttubplay Tub and sell them at convenience stores, liquor stores or any place else that sells the Lottery. We provide you with Free downloadable In-Store Advertising posters to help promote in-store traffic and guaranteed to boost tools sales. Print them and post them.  Click here for tool use instructions.R&Z Chevron

Join a growing list of retailers selling the Lucky Lotto Ticket Scratcher tools at convenience stores, grocery stores, liquor stores, dollar stores, newsstands, and just about any place where instant lottery tickets are sold. Order today!

Lucky Lotto Ticket Scratcher tools are made with pride in the United States. Please note tool colors shown on your monitor may not look like the real thing. Lucky Lotto Ticket Scratcher tools are bright vibrant colors.

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